Creativity takes many forms. These are the written works of Michael G. Bookout, available for purchase exclusively through this website.

  1. The Chinese Acrobat Drama/Fiction 182 pages. 1999 Michael’s first novel, five years in construction, illustrates through drama and romance the integration and assimilation of a Chinese national into the landscape of America in the early 1940s. Rated PG.
  2. Cobwebs in my Mind; the Diary of a Schizophrenic Janitor  Biography/Comedy/Drama 104 pages. 2007 Rated PG
  3. The Wild Wild Space Adventures of Natalie Rose and her Bad Little Kitty Marcus Serial Picture Book with Illustrations 30 pages. 2010 Middle child
  4.  For the love of Amaranth Gothic Novel/Adult/with Illustrations 1300 pages 2008 (currently being written, read the in-progress version here) While traveling through the Black Forest, Germany, Michael invented this gothic tragedy of unrequited love for his methamphetamine-addicted lover. (Not rated)
  5. Terrible in Black Graphic Novel/Series 35 pages. 2012 Adult 
  6. That Book of Death Biographical/Political/Thriller 81 pages. 2014 Adult
  7. As Far as the Mind May Dream: the Story of Isabella Rose, London’s Notorious Child Novel/Fiction 146 pages. 2016 The story of an orphan child laid to rest upon the doorstep of Pulstar Manor in London 1898. Travel deep into the treacheries of mad resolve written as a subliminal answer to the death of Michael’s daughter Emily. (Ages 8-Adult) (Start reading)
  8. The Legend of Sacramento Hollow and What the Janitor Saw Biographical/Comedy/Drama 72 pages. 2015 Michael’s second biographical story of his experiences in the trade of commercial janitorial and what he has seen and or experienced. Rated Adult. (Start reading)