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Words of OT and Wisdom or Naught

And if you are alive and in a word ‘living’

then you can not do more than i but to seek love when your purpose is one of giving

Sadley interpretation:

My father said, after Marilyn Munroe died the newspapers and Eldon and John said and sang Marilyn was found in the nude

So like right below all our clothing aren’t we all…..dugh, stupid.  Just plain stupid.


The too practical Sadley:

So like what if you were born and then you died and the only person to weep over your grave would be your hair designer because he lost a faithful cash customer

Man! talk about entering into the halls of defame

Ya know.

Sadley Brisbayne says:

My father says during the French Revolution a central figure was

none other than:

Robes by Piere obviously renown for his ability to cut a great cloth

Man! so like cutting off thousands of person’s heads

must have been a no-brainer.    Ya know


2008/ poem of Michelle:


Templates of sorrows cling in my soul

Old wives tales once again told.

Love is so simple

simple to grasp

Love unrequited stings like an asp



Jack and Jill strutted up the hill to fetch water

Jill pushed Jack down and he broke his crown

and Jill drank all the water.



So like everyone is stressing about wire tapping and video surveillance and google earth map mapping all their moves…So ok, if there is no longer human privacy so does this tell us there will no longer be a need for nudist beaches?


Sadley says….When cows fart she soon departs.


Man !   Sadley wonders if humans have so many ways to tell time, so many devices to keep track of their every seconds, when do these people have time to wind down.



At the school dance Sadley’s big fear is that she will get asked to dance.  Man, you know its like all of my zits will be out there on the dance floor in full display.  But what if there are strobe lights flashing…? Well that ill certainly help disguise a Sadley dilemma.

‘Silly Sadley’

If you had a face like a monkey and you were embarrassed about this and,

if someone offered you a banana, would you pretend not to know what one was?


When times are good the persons of Paris live care-free-‘Capri!”

When fortunes turn down the Parisians’  lament ‘poverty’

oui, oui


Salient Sadley

My mother says the past is always perfect

the future present tense

If Sadley understood such logarithms

she would be post haste, past thence


Q) If air planes could not fly what would we call them?

Q) If i were you and yo were me and we had children together, shall we not call one Tad and the other Heather and together we can sew an eight arm sweater

Sadley says:

Man! So like this kid named Jason was born and Hollywood made four films about his life yea, so like when Sadley was born there were a couple snap shots and a few videos and a tweet or two. Yo, one more piece of evidence that boys really do have privilege. Sadley rests her case.

Sadley just kidding:

 Keeping up with Sadley may be a difficult thing to do most especially if you have one head and brain only and never not two.

A tale of Sadley:

 If you went to heaven at age 11 and lied to God that you were only 7 He may send u back, a sweet 15 deceived tween.

Sadley says:

 Man!  So what if every person on planet earth were financially equal…so like would Bill and Malinda do their shopping at Walmart with every other millionaire and be happy about it?  I don’t think so.  No, Sadley does not think so.      Ya know


Sadley Says:

” Some call it death

Some call it life

but a life without strife

is a death all its own.”

(good call kid)


Sadley @ 6

They say there are six degrees of separation from every other person on the earth,

But what if they miscalculated and there were seven?

So this would mean Sadley would have to share her bathroom with someone else while preparing to go to school…..

i don’t think so


I die a thousand death-steps

which are not your perfume

I drown in the memory thereof  a sick sweetness

I drink it’s medicinal properties.

Your hair strands as we lie drunk exhausted caress my face (perhaps this a blanket of yours to protect me)

a lot of perspiration for two persons who choose to be lovers

and we wanting to be in eternal embrace

but death spoils all loving and claims all life, consumes all lovers


The tender thoughts of Miss Sadley Brisbayne   June 22-17

My mother says 15% of Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. So does this mean 1/2 and 1/2 is a mixed race situation? Ya know.

21st/ (notes from Sadley Brisbayne)

Man!   So what would it feel like to be a Bond Girl?   Well, eventually you have to grow up and become ‘a former Bond Girl turned out to pasture’,  so to speak.  Would it all be worth it?  You bet!!!!   Better a bond than no link to adventure and fame at all.


Man !    The James Bond movie star Roger Moore just died.  And Sadley thought nothing could kill Bond, or even shake him for that matter.


(Sadley notations)

My mother says 15% of Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. And hey, what do they think about milkshakes?  … the cow rides a roller coaster just before being milked?


My mother and father say that literally thousands of people have signed up to go and colonize Mars. This, of course, sounds very heroic and patriotic and even adventurous, that is of course, perhaps to the IRS agents who will be assigned there.


Man!  So in America, 14% of the people believe Elvis is still alive and if they were to send him a letter he would receive it, yea but so would he write them back.?…ya know


16th/ (a note from Sadley Brisbayne)

 Man!  My mother says Enya the queen of Galic music owns a castle and is now a recluse with her multitude of kitten friends…..Sadley has just got to talk to Mr. Socks, he may have an insiders connect so Sadley can get an audience with the now, Queen of Kittens !!!!

15th/ (a note from Sadley Brisbayne):

My father says a close friend will tell you when you have a single, long hair hanging out of your nostril or off the top of your ear….yep, sometimes being friends can be real gritty. Ya know.


Do you really believe a garden snail cares if you spent $150.00 at the hair salon? (To the east or the west of the question)



Persons travel many miles and pay many mites to pitch their tents

to spend time with wise old men on the road to truth and enlightenment

Had they contacted Siri they would not have had to pay one copper cent


If I were you and you were me

and we did conceive

in a sense, we would both be pregnant

and for the sake of nonconfusion

we would keep our babe innocent


Jack and Jill rushed up the hill

but not to fetch water

for they were passionate teens

and they had other things to consider


I am nauseated by flattery…so much pain at the thought of it

feels more like assault and battery


 Twitter, twitter tweet

Let us assume you are embarrassed about your large feet

And if you walked in the snow no one will point to your tracks you know

for we shall be discrete




‘Crop Circles’

tell me again about our sacred love

i do remember the time when we immersed our memories

which fell in orchestral rhymes

when man met woman on open plane desiring intimacy

again and again

fallow fields crop symbols of loves death

ancient  land tillers  unearth nothing not there


Susan You

Your pretends at not loving me

run the far side of untrue.

In reality, we acknowledge our separateness sticks as cement glue

All pretense away, childhood indoctrination lay open for legal review

I do love you

it is all the same as for me as the same You



It is better to fall in love

than to denounce your own existence

Never mind the messy details

the “should haves”

the “could haves”

Love is a tricky lion(ess) resting in the shadows

Some days it roams the high grasses in leisure regal

Some time,  melts you to liquid molasses


‘Invisible Love’     S.

life unto life

death unto death

i love thee in eternity now

my heart is bereft

Once i was mike

born male child bare

frail a skeleton more or less

Worthless as no-thing

i sought for love

mine desires mine

intentions true

i strove foolishly my love

for the invisible you



The horrors of fiction are none about me

They recite their civil lines in the corridors of polite discourse

Had you known my lust for you perhaps, maybe perhaps you would not have walked away.

Standing alone I am so very alone,

Valentines day is near

I have so much more than loneliness to fear



Many tears have bled this day

down your cheek

I have been a careful observer Not one to interrupt

Not the person to disturb.

Perfection at all levels is nothing for a fool to feel

privileged to imagine  a love like a sweet dream

I must someday awake from.

i love Thee



i worship my loneliness

i sing to my sorrow

i wonder if the chords of my praise are favorable to your ears

daily i weep

hourly i despair

for i love Thee from within my passion

swallowed whole in my own fashion

my Love do you care



fools dream wild dreams

for what else have we to do

my dreams arise

let me dream for us two

days and months go by

i look for Thee in every passing car window

how long must i seek ?

Poets walk the strange life

pretend poets the more