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Twitter: July Surprise -2017 and, a ‘pauper’s poetry’

Posted on Jun 24 by

Words of OT and Wisdom or Naught And if you are alive and in a word ‘living’ then you can not do more than i but to seek love when your purpose is one of giving Sadley interpretation: My father said, after Marilyn Munroe died the newspapers and Eldon and John said and sang Marilyn was found in the nude So like right below all our clothing aren’t we all…..dugh, stupid.  Just plain stupid.   The too practical Sadley: So like what if you were born and then you died and the only person to weep over your grave would be your hair designer because he lost a faithful cash customer Man! talk about entering into the halls of defame Ya know. Sadley Brisbayne says: My father says during the French Revolution a central figure was none other than: Robes by Piere obviously renown for his ability to cut a great cloth Man! so like cutting off thousands of person’s heads must have been a no-brainer.    Ya know   2008/ poem of Michelle:   Templates of sorrows cling in...


For the Love of Amaranth/additions: 7-8-2017 -Saturday pm/

Posted on May 14 by

For the love of Amarnath  (This story conceived while riding rail in the Black Forest, Germany 1971) Copyright 2017 by Michael Bookout (see for this update: ..this novel was self published in 2008 and is being retold this day  and not with immediate editing…please allow for mistakes, correctable as we move along…in the direction of a goal so desired.) This book is rated: Adult, but not too adult I would like to thank Greti  Rayen for helping me with the Germanic translations and understanding the nuances of a culture past. M   (Greti is a fictional character) ‘Light is a strange commodity. In a place of eternal darkness, it is a rumor at best.’                                                                                                                                  ...


That Book of Death (excerpt)

Posted on May 4 by

That Book of Death …a novel by: M. Bookout © 2012 (Hi!  dear friendly reader: please to remember this book is rated ‘adult’ but no part of the first three pages posted here should in anyway be offensive to doggies, or kittens, or humans…..all is well.) What Mandy the cat is saying about this book:  “Meow, Meow, it is all but peeeeerfect!” What Taco the chimp says about this book:  “Give a man a typwritter and……” What Spreckles the goldfish says about this book:  “Bubble, Bubble read it on the double.” Introduction: I wanted a perfect world to live in … some place safe, some place kind, entertaining and, I wanted a great sex life. But nothing seems to have worked out very well. I mean; I would not be writing this book if things were ‘Ok’, Ya know? Writing this book helped me release all of the thoughts I had balled up in my mind…things I could not seem to unravel in any other way. And I suspected and, intuitively knew that if I did record my thoughts...


As Far as the Mind May Dream (excerpt)

Posted on Apr 29 by

AS FAR AS THE MIND MAY DREAM Story and Illustrations by : MICHAEL BOOKOUT © 2009  (This book is rated 8-Adult ) What Waffles the puppy is saying about this book: “Woof, Woof  It is a real tail wagger!” What Snickers the kitten says:  “Meow, meow….and how !” What Panther Parrot says: “Bak, bak…..this book is all the talk!”     Dedication: To the Silence to the Eternal   ‘As far as the Mind may Dream’   Book One/   Introduction:     AND IT CAME TO PASS IN THE CALENDAR MONTH of February 1921, a time in the British Isles where it would not be unusual to find husbands, wives and their children, spending endless hours at home enjoying each others’ company, while unbeknownst to them, a girl child was born whom, in her own way, would change the course of British history.   Those ignorant inhabitants (innocent as they were) sat in their comfortably furnished parlors, piecing together colorful picture puzzles with infinite shapes that came together making  lovely landscape pictures or ones such as fluffy kittens.    They would...